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Online Payment Processing

Facilitate seamless transactions and accept multi-currency payments from anywhere in the world with UniversePay’s robust Payment Gateway. With state of the art anti-fraud measures, professional 24/7 support, and a feature-rich system, UniversePay ensures your transaction flow is healthy, seamless, and efficient.

Legal Services

Have the support you need with UniversePay’s experienced team of lawyers and consultants and build a smooth, safe, and legal foundation for your business. Company registration, licensing, bank account opening, and more - launch or upgrade your business quickly and faultlessly.

White Label Payment card Issuing

Put your brand on the map with UniversePay’s white label card issuing and processing services. With your brand logo sported by the user’s payment card, it has never been easier to build trust and loyalty in your customers, while simultaneously getting substantial brand exposure.

UniversePay works with a variety of card emitters allowing us to provide you with the most fitting solution for your business. Ensuring a seamless implementation process, as well as management assistance, UniversePay makes getting your branded payment cards out into the world easy and hassle-free.

  • A bespoke solution for your business needs
  • Boost brand visibility & customer loyalty
  • Active assistance from UniversePAY to ensure a seamless experience

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July 20, 2021
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July 1, 2021
4 advantages of obtaining EMI/PI license in Spain

When it comes to licensing issues, choosing the country where to obtain the necessary license can be quite difficult, as many countries provide the possibility to obtain EMI or PI licenses. Due to this we decided to highlight 4 advantages of obtaining EMI/PI license in Spain.

June 23, 2021
The Top 5 Payment Methods for Online Gambling

In the year 2020 the online gambling market was worth USD 66.72 billion. As online gambling industry is becoming more and more appealing for investors, the competition on the market is also growing. Due to this we decided to highlight the top 5 payment methods for online gambling.

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