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Welcome to the world of UniversePay, where we match your passion for reaching your goals and leverage the full breadth of UniversePay’s expertise and capability to make them a reality.

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The Universe Corporation is an international company offering a complete set of financial solutions and consultations for private individuals and corporate clients alike. We pride ourselves on perpetual excellence in our services and adhere to the highest standards of international banking and legal practice. With a focus on the development of innovative solutions, we strive to keep our clients and ourselves ahead of the financial and digital curve, ensuring advanced technologies, solutions, and services for our clients and their customers.

Our Values

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UniversePay is here to play an active part in the professional development of our clients. Every UniversePay expert and consultant embodies extensive industry experience and strives for the continuous and interlinked development of themselves, our company, and our clients.

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An individual approach with tailored solutions is the core of UniversePay. For us, flexibility means being forthcoming, ready to take on any challenge, and creating solutions, no matter how unorthodox, that enable our clients to achieve their goals.

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Reputation makes or breaks a company, which is why we nurture our own with utmost care. Establishing a relationship of trust with our clients makes cooperation smoother, healthier, and faster. We’re not only your partner but also your confidant - your best interests are our priority.

Our History

  1. January 2015

    Universe Group is founded by a team of 4

  2. January 2015

    UniverseWeb is launched

  3. August 2015

    UniversePay is launched

  4. January 2016

    UniverseLaw is launched

  5. December 2017

    Relocation to new offices – Duntes Biroji

  6. January 2018

    UniversePay team grows to 7

  7. March 2018

    Partnerships with 3 major European acquiring bank

  8. September 2018

    UniversePay accepts Union Pay International and Карта МИР

  9. January 2019

    Relocation to more spacious offices

  10. February 2019

    Team grows to 12

  11. May 2019

    Proprietary tech powers UniversePay

  12. May 2019

    Rebranding - UniversePay has a corporate style change

  13. June 2019

    Alternative payment method introduced: cryptocurrency

  14. August 2019

    Approved for an FCA Licens

Do you want to become part of the UniversePay team? If your vision and values align with ours and you are passionate about what you do, then we’re very excited to get to know you. Check out your career opportunities at UniversePay.


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