5 reasons to join UniversePay Affiliate program

February 4, 2021


5 reasons to join UniversePay Affiliate program

February 4, 2021

2021 starts for UniversePay from the creation of new affiliate program. We decided to provide an opportunity to earn extra bonuses for our clients and everyone, who is working in financial sphere and can help us to spread the word about our services.

What kind of program it is? An affiliate program is a program, where everyone can benefit: a company gets leads, an affiliate gets commissions for each of them. Now let’s see what are the reasons for you to join UniversePay Affiliate program.

  1. Extra income

    During these pandemic times many people are looking for opportunities to earn extra money. By joining UniversePay affiliate program you can get an extra source of passive income, or even you can use it to leave your nine-to-five job behind. We provide generous commissions for every company, which became our partner. You can earn 15% from the profit. This can be a farsighted solution for you even to start your own business. During these pandemic times it would not be wise to put all your eggs in one basket. Many companies were retaining staff during 2020 hoping to keep them on board as the world gets back to the normal. About 30% of firms were reducing working hours for workers, which has resulted in reduced family incomes. That’s why an extra income can be really helpful now.

  2. The more leads the more you can earn

    Compared to the standard working agreement affiliate program doesn’t limit you on how much you can earn. The more leads you provide, the more money you get. And since we don’t have a fixed price for a lead, you can focus on bigger companies from the beginning to get bigger commission from their orders. This is one of the most important reasons to join UniversePay Affiliate program.

  3. You already have an audience

    For those, who own a website, social media group or blog, it is an easy start. You already have an audience, which can be interested in our services, everything you need – just to provide them detailed information so that they can easily make a decision. And this is another reason to join UniversePay affiliate program.

  4. Make money selling services that made a difference for you

    If you are already a client of UniversePay, you can also join our affiliate program. In this case it will be even easier for you to promote our services because you already know everything and you know how we work. You can just share your experience and get a generous reward from us. It is a known fact that people would rather believe references than advertising texts. 

  5. Wide range of services

    And the last reason to join UniversePay affiliate program in order of mention but not of importance is that our company provides a wide range of services: from opening a merchant account to obtaining licenses. This means, that it will be easier to get leads because you’re not limited by one target audience. You can use different resources and methods to attract customers, who can be interested in our services. It is more attractive for clients when you they can get a complex solution at one place: not only online processing but also a bank account opening.

    UniversePay Affiliate program is an opportunity to have an extra income by promoting professional services. We will provide you all promotional materials, which you may need. Also, you can expect technical assistance and professional support from our team at any time. Send us a request on marketing@universepay.eu, if you want to join UniversePay affiliate program.

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