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Partnerships build strong futures

UniversePay cooperates with many international partners with trust, professionalism, and responsibility as the foundation of these relationships.

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Becoming a Business Partner

Become one of UniversePay’s esteemed partners for a mutually beneficial relationship. Together we can shape our shared financial future into a more efficient, more connected, and more rewarding enterprise.

While most partnerships offer 1-2 years of commissions per attracted lead, UniversePay offers eternal commissions - while your lead is our client, you will be rewarded accordingly. Apply now

Becoming a Solution Partner

Join other prestigious international solution providers by becoming a UniversePay Solution Partner. We’ll help connect merchants in need with your services and solutions, guaranteeing a stellar user experience.

Expanding our network of banking, payment, legal, IT, or other related service providers is done to equip our clients with the best tools and opportunities available for merchants. UniversePay is glad to offer our clients services that are conducive to this goal. Apply now

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Have some burning partnership related questions? Need to get in touch with UniversePay’s support? Give us a call – our partner relationship manager will be glad to answer your questions.

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