Direct Payouts

Safe, direct, and instant payouts

Issue mass or individual payouts easily and on time directly to your customers’ credit and debit cards with just a few clicks.

Direct Payouts for your customers

With both automated and manual options for single and mass payments alike, UniversePay ensures direct payout efficiency and efficacy, regardless of your needs. Direct payment disbursement has never been easier and more elegant.

An invaluable tool for the gambling, lending, exchange, and hospitality industries, among others, direct payouts maintain uninterrupted customer satisfaction, as they receive their funds in a timely and secure fashion.

Single and individual payout manual generation

Be in full control of the transaction flow. Individual payouts can be prepared and processed quickly and conveniently with just a few clicks and the funds will be on the way to the recipient’s credit or debit card in no time at all.

  • Payout what you need, when you need to
  • Smooth and simple process

Automate mass payouts for your customers

Automatically disburse due payments to your customers at the right time. With easy beneficiary addition and operational features that outperform banks in terms of convenience and speed, UniversePay’s automatic mass payouts make your business reliable and flexible.

  • Save time and money - set it up once and let it work for you
  • Timely, fast, accurate, and reliable

Payment processing made easy, efficient, and automatic with UniversePay

Individual Integrations

Integrate our payment services in the most convenient way for you – use the redirect to payment page, choose the i-Frame integration or use our API for direct connection with the payment facility.

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Ready-to-go CMS plugins

Get started immediately - UniversePay’s plugins can be set up in minutes and support all the most popular content management systems, from Magento, to Wordpress, and beyond.

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Smart Routing

Better, faster, smarter - UniversePay’s Smart Routing technology optimizes coverage and transaction flow, significantly reducing payment rejection and increasing conversions.

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Email Invoicing

Make your e-commerce store accessible to anyone with email invoices - a secure payment solution to boost your customer base.

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Advanced User Dashboard

Stay on top of your finances and business processes with UniversePay’s intuitive and functional dashboard. Monitor and review your financial data as closely as you require through a variety of key metrics, data exports, graphs, and statistics.

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Customizable Payment Page

The payment page becomes a part of your website - customize the payment page design to fit your store’s style. A consistent style builds trust and increases conversions.

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Be in control with UniversePay

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Multi-currency Support

Multi-currency payments and processing ensures that your customers have the freedom and opportunity to shop and pay in a way most convenient for them.

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Professional 24/7 Support

UniversePay’s team of dedicated experts is available round-the-clock to keep your business running at top speed. Easy to reach and quick to respond at any time of the day our experienced team provides the technical assistance you require in a professional and operative manner.

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Secure Payment Gateway

UniversePay maintains the highest security standards and is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant, with robust encryption systems for all sensitive data and information.

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Advanced Anti-fraud System

Our anti-fraud system uses advanced technology working in tandem with experienced risk analysts to reduce your financial risk and keep customer satisfaction high by curbing fraudulent transactions and minimising loss while maintaining exceptional conversions.

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Transaction Monitoring Specialists

Transactions are continuously monitored by specialists to ensure increased security and seamless issue resolution. This takes place in addition to a complex automatic verification process.

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Cost-efficient Pricing

As your turnover and revenue increase, your relative fees shrink respectively. Scaled pricing plans ensure your profits and growth are not hampered by pricing fees, meaning more money goes into your pocket. Make more, pay less.

Easy, safe, convenient payouts for your customers with Universepay