Risk Management

Smart Risk Management to ensure your financial safety

Our anti-fraud system uses advanced technology working in tandem with experienced risk analysts to reduce your financial risk and keep customer satisfaction high by curbing fraudulent transactions and minimising loss while maintaining exceptional conversions.

Advanced technologies and professional transaction monitoring for your risk management

The synergy of automation and expertise - UniversePay utilizes extensive encryption and tokenization, advanced authentication, and thorough automated customer checks, on top of which UniversePay introduces expert human overwatch to further mitigate risks.

Anti-fraud System

UniversePay’s state of the art anti-fraud system employs the latest technologies, is PCI DDS level 1 compliant, 3D-Secure, has automatic background checks, and more.

  • You and your customers can feel safe, protected by industry-leading security measures
  • With a plethora of additional automatic and manual security checks, risk is reduced to an absolute minimum

Transaction Monitoring Specialist (Risk Analyst)

Transactions are continuously monitored by specialists to ensure increased security and seamless issue resolution. This takes place in addition to the complex automatic anti-fraud process.

  • Pre-emptive resolution of fraudulent transactions
  • Operative issue resolution

Advanced User Dashboard

Stay on top of your finances and business processes with UniversePay’s intuitive and functional dashboard.

  • Monitor and analyse your financial data
  • Key metrics, data exports, graphs, statistics and more to understand your business health inside out

UniversePay ensures your financial safety with:

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UniversePay fully complies with PCI DSS Level 1 security requirements, which is the gold standard of the industry

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Sensitive customer data, such as login details, credit card info, and financial transactions are secured with SSL

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3D Secure

Facilitate secure online transactions by authenticating a cardholder’s identity at the time of purchase

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Act preemptively and build credibility by excluding suspicious and unwanted customers by region, card details, IP address, etc.

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BIN database

Instantly identify fraudulent payment tools and significantly reduce online fraud

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MaxMind System

Automatically prevent online fraud, cut chargebacks, and reduce manual review

Feel secure and in control with UniversePay’s risk management solutions.