Company Registration

UniversePay maintains business relationships with 25+ traditional tax-free, as well as European jurisdictions ensuring options best suited for your business needs. Our forthcoming specialists are adaptive and can tailor to customer requests, whether it’s company registration, purchasing ready-made companies, registering new structures, or other early/late-stage necessities.

Company Licencing

UniversePay works quickly to get the licenses your business needs to become operational. From financial licenses to Forex brokerage licenses, and beyond, UniversePAY’s lawyers and consultants navigate the complex legal environment to find the solution right for you.

Private and Business Bank Account Opening

Open bank accounts remotely and securely in European and overseas banks. UniversePAY does not only take care of practicalities, by undertaking and streamlining account formation but also assists you in identifying and choosing the right partner for your business.

  • UniversePay collaborates with trustworthy and long-term partnering banks from over 15 countries
  • Remote account opening for majority of banks
  • Professional service and consultations from UniversePay’s experienced legal team

Trademark & Patent Registration

UniversePay has extensive experience in the registration of patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Register and manage your intellectual property to safeguard your business, establish recognition, and prevent theft.

Navigate the financial and legal jungles confidently with Universepay by your side