Be at the forefront of financial technologies with UniversePay

UniversePay’s technical team provides unmatched stability and security by utilizing advanced technologies and perpetually striving to leverage the latest technologies to make your business safer, faster, and smoother.

Individual integrations

Integrate our payment services in a way that’s most convenient for you – use the redirect to payment page, choose the i-Frame integration or use our API for direct connection with the payment facility.

Payment Page

Payment Page

The easy and safe option - your customers are redirected to our ready-made checkout page and we take care of the rest, enforcing the highest security and data protection standards.

I-frame integration

I-frame integration

Keep your customers on your page, thus improving user experience while benefiting from the ease of setup of the payment page with an i-Frame integration.

API integration

API integration

Integrated on-site checkout with all major debit and credit cards combined with seamless design will keep your customers satisfied and their shopping journeys frictionless.

Ready-to-go CMS plugins

Get started immediately - UniversePay’s plugins can be set up in minutes and support all the most popular content management systems, from Magento, to Wordpress, and beyond

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Smart Routing

Better, faster, smarter - UniversePay uses Smart Routing technology to optimize coverage and transaction flow, significantly reducing payment rejection and increasing conversions.

  • Avoid funnels and get optimal transaction routing to the acquiring bank
  • Reduce transaction failure rates
  • Improve user experience, store credibility, and revenue

E-mail Invoicing

Make your e-commerce store accessible to anyone by using email invoices - a secure payment solution to boost your customer base. Turn anyone with an email address into a potential customer. Improve your profits with this payment method and automate, manage, and review invoices from UniversePay’s intuitive dashboard.

One-Click Payments

Improve customer retention and loyalty by removing the annoying and repetitive process of personal & card information input. Grow your revenue by letting your customers save time and buy with a single click.

  • Boost your profits through increased sales
  • Build trust and ensure safety with tokenization and protection of sensitive personal and card data

Recurring Payments

Forget about bothersome and repetitive invoices - set up the payment details and automatically charge your customers on a regular basis, eliminating unnecessary friction and activity for the users and yourself.

  • Perfect for businesses with subscription models
  • Make life easier for all involved parties, driving sales and reducing overheads
  • Ensure timely payments

Antifraud System

UniversePay’s state of the art anti-fraud system employs the latest technologies, is PCI DDS level 1 compliant, 3D-Secure, has automatic background checks, and more.

  • You and your customers can feel safe, protected by industry-leading security measures.
  • With a plethora of additional automatic and manual security checks, risk is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Advanced User Dashboard

Stay on top of your finances and business processes with UniversePay’s intuitive and functional dashboard.

  • Monitor and analyse your financial data
  • Key metrics, data exports, graphs, statistics and more to understand your business health inside out

Make your payment processing smart and easy for your clients.

Make it Universepay