If you wish to start a business in a specially regulated field,
you need to obtain a license in order to provide financial services in a specific market

License obtaining

UniversePay works quickly to get the licenses your business needs to become operational. From financial licenses to Forex brokerage licenses, and beyond, UniversePAY’s lawyers and consultants navigate the complex legal environment to find the right solution particularly for you.

License obtaining process

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Step 3: Submit requested documentation




Types of Licenses

Universepay can provide you with the professional combination of solutions
for obtaining licenses for different types of business

Digital bank license

The Fintech industry is booming right now. Many companies provide the alternative financial solutions for customers, including online payments, payment cards, e-wallets, and other payment instruments, transfers, and loans. If you wish to start providing financial services or launch your own digital bank you need a license. Universepay can help you with obtaining various licenses depending on your target markets, authorized capital, country of residence, etc.

Crypto license

Companies that have obtained the appropriate authorization to work with cryptocurrencies experience a higher level of trust and loyalty from their clients. The exchange of fiat currency for digital currency, as well as third-party financial management of cryptocurrencies, are examples of these operations. It is preferable to submit the work to professionals in order to maximize the possibilities of acquiring a license. Universepay can assist you in obtaining a crypto license and provide guidance throughout the process.

Gambling license

If you are planning to start a gambling business, you should consider a need to obtain a specialized license. Legalization of your gambling business in accordance with international laws and regulations, guarantees you transparency in a financial environment. Licencing is crucial if you wish to open an online casino or any other gambling businessl. Universepay is ready to advise you on the best solution depending on your business requirements.

Forex license

Forex trading has been very popular for the past 10 years. And during the past years, this area has experienced another wave of interest. This fact makes forex trading very appealing for both individuals and companies. If you’re planning to start or expand a Forex business, you have to decide, which Forex brokerage license to obtain. Universepay is ready to consult and assist you during the whole process.

Benefits Of Obtaining License With Universepay

EU and non-EU institutions

Universepay provides the possibility to obtain a license in various institutions, both in and outside of the European Union

12 + most popular jurisdictions

A wide range of jurisdictions for license obtaining is available. Our professionals will help you to choose the right one for your business

Various accompanying services

We also provide different accompanying services, such as bank account opening, payments processing and many more. Explore our website for more information

International lawyers

Universepay has an international team of lawyers with extensive licensing experience

Consultations with fintech professionals

Receive consultations from the fintech professionals regarding each step of license obtaining

More than 7 years of licensing experience

Our team has more than 7 years of professional experience in banking and licensing