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For developers

What payment integration types does Universepay offer?

1. API
An API integration gives a merchant full control over their checkout and captures card information on their page, creating a seamless user experience.

2. Hosted Payment Page (HPP)
Easiest to set up and very secure, a HPP integration redirects the customer to our payment page, which can be modified and tailored in accordance with the merchant’s requests.

3. I-frames

HPP without the hassle of redirection. I-frames maintain the ease of setup, while keeping the customer on the merchant’s page for a seamless user experience.

4. Virtual Terminal (VT)
Complete mail/fax/telephone orders using virtual terminal, without having a need for for the customer to physically show their card to the merchant. Accept MO/TO transactions.

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VISA, MasterCard, PCI DSS

Requirements for merchants website

  1. The website must be in a working state.
  2. The availability of the SSL certificate.
  3. VISA, MasterCard logo.
  4. Copyright (developer of the site or merchant).
  5. Name and address of the company and representation office (if any).
  6. Customer service contact details, including mail address or phone number.
  7. Description of the goods or services offered for sale (including product specifics, guarantee / warranty, safety / health warnings, image etc.).
  8. Price / cost (whether inclusive / exclusive of taxes / octroi, delivery charges). Discounts, offers (if any) – validity or expiry date.
  9. Description of payment methods, including currency of transaction.
  10. Delivery policy – delivery methods, price / cost and timing.
  11. Return/refund policy.
  12. Customer registration process and guidelines.
  13. Customer data privacy policy (privacy statements):
    • – Which customer data is collected and tracked;
    • – With whom this customer information is shared;
    • – How customer can opt out, etc.
  14. Security capabilities and policy for transmission of payment card details (statement on security controls).
  15. Display of its purchase terms and conditions to the Cardholder during the order process.
  16. A “click to accept” button, or other acknowledgement, on its website as evidence that the Cardholder has accepted the “Terms and Conditions”, “Privacy policy”, “Return/Refund policy” and etc. if necessary

For merchants

How do I become a Universepay client?

You can join UniversePay payment services and solutions in the following ways:

  • You can fill in the online application form on our website by following this link.

  • You can contact our sales team via email:

What is a merchant account?

A merchant account is a specialized bank account that facilitates the receiving of money from credit card and debit card payments. It’s different from your regular business bank account, as it’s a pass-through account, and doesn’t need to be with the same bank. The bank with which you set up your merchant account is referred to as an ‘acquiring bank’ or ‘acquirer’.
With focus on transaction security, speed, and efficiency, UniversePAY offers merchant accounts for businesses of all kinds. Straightforward to use and intuitive by nature, UniversePAY puts you on the fastest and easiest path to accepting payments.

What is ``an Online payment processing`` ?

Online payment processing is an e-commerce technology with the purpose of ensuring the transaction of funds between a vendor’s and their customers’ accounts. Essentially, this enables the customer to use their bank card or bank account to pay the merchant for the goods or services provided, and do so in a simple, efficient, and seamless manner.

How to open a merchant account and what information do I have to provide?

UniversePay gives you the option to open a merchant account in both European and Non-European acquiring banks. To open a merchant account you must:

  • Fill out this application form – link.

Provide the following required documents:

  • Identification (Passport or ID)

  • Utility Bil

  • Bank Statement

  • Company`s incorporation documents

  • Processing History (if any)

  • Domain Ownership

What payment methods does Universepay offer?

UniversePay offers the following popular payment methods: VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay, QIWI.

What types of businesses does Universepay work with?

UniversePay offers our services to and has worked with merchants involved in the following business activities:

  • E-commerce

  • Brokerage

  • Crypto

  • Video gaming

  • Gaming

  • Dating

  • Hosting

  • Nutrusioticals

If your business type isn’t on the list, please, contact our Sales representative at and we’ll make sure to find a solution for you. Our client base is diverse and ever-growing, so UniversePay is always excited for novel opportunities.

What currencies do we work with?

UniversePay can process the following top currencies:

  • USD US dollar

  • EUR Euro

  • GBP British pound sterling

  • RUB Russian ruble

  • Our settlement currencies include:

  • USD US dollar

  • EUR Euro

How often does Universepay release payouts and what is the rolling reserve amount?

There are multiple factors affecting the release of payouts, such as the merchant’s business type, turnover, registration country, and acquiring bank among others. The frequency can vary depending on these factors, however, usually payouts are made once a week. Regarding the rolling reserve, UniversePay reserves 10% of the transaction amount to ensure security. Reserved funds are then held for 180 days, after which they are paid out directly to your account.

How long does the setup process take?

Depending on a plethora of factors, the set up can take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks. More accurate estimates can be requested once you have provided us with preliminary information.

What is a chargeback and how can I avoid it?

A chargeback is when a client or customer requests a return of their funds following a successful transaction. Typically, such disputes emerge after failed deliveries, faulty products, or unsatisfactory services. A chargeback can be deemed valid and invalid. More often than not, it’s the latter, as chargebacks are frequently fraudulent. However, if a chargeback is deemed valid, then the customer is refunded the money, with the merchant’s business checking account being debited for that amount. Settling chargeback disputes may incur minor fees for information retrieval and potentially the chargeback itself.

There are multiple suggested steps to take to minimize the risk of chargeback, such as:

  • Request CVV2 for card possession check, and make good use of AVS for billing address verification

  • Have clear and noticeable return and warranty policies across all your communication channels – website, emails, etc.

  • Request proof of delivery

  • Avoid charging a cardholder’s card before goods have been shipped.

  • Ensure the delivery and billing addresses are the same.

Chargeback is an often unavoidable part of the e-commerce process, but if you’re careful and follow the rules above, you can minimize your encounters with it.

I have forgotten my Universepay password, how do I retrieve it?

To regain access to your account, you must contact our Client Support Department at and once you have been identified as the owner of the account, we will grant you access.

For cardholders

How do I contact the Universepay Support Centre?

UniversePay’s support centre can be reached in one of two ways by either

  • a) contacting our Support Department via email at or;

  • b) using this form link to submit your question through the website.

How do I know my payment was successful?

The UniversePay Payment Gateway provides automatic notifications to your email about the status of the payment, ensuring you’re always in the loop.

What if my payment is declined?

Please double check that your credit card is valid and that you are able to make online payments. If these two things are in order, yet you continue to experience issues, then please contact the UniversePay Support Department at or send us your query using the online form found here: link.

Where I can find the reference number for the completed transaction?

You can find the reference number in the bank account statement to which the card with which you made the payment is attached.

How can I receive my money back due to faulty product or bad service?

If for some reason you want your funds returned, please contact the Support Department of the Online shop where you made the purchase with a request for a refund.

The payment was successful, but I did not receive the expected services/items.

Please contact the Support Department of the Online shop where you have made the purchase with a request for clarification regarding the status of your order

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