Brokerage license in Cyprus

Obtaining a brokerage license in Cyprus allows to manage financial activities not only on the island, but also in all the territories of the European Economic Area. Cyprus has the lowest income taxes in the EU that is 10% (Cyprus transactions) and 0% (transactions outside the country). There is no income tax for foreign employees.


  1. The office of the company should be located in Cyprus
  2. Main activities of the company should be in the Cyprus market
  3. 4 directors, including the managing director, two executive and two non-executive directors, 3 of whom must be residents of Cyprus;
  4. At least two members of the Board of Directors must be residents of Cyprus
  5. The Authorized capital depends on the type of activities.
  • TIME:

    Up to 6 month after submitting an application

  • FEE:

    The total price will be provided after the application