Gaming license in Belarus

Since the year 2018, the government of Belarus has begun contributing to the development of gaming and entertainment business sector. It gave many entrepreneurs an opportunity to start leading business in Belarus.


  1. Register as a private entrepreneur or open a company in Belarus;
  2. Availability of an office address in the Republic of Belarus;
  3. Details of the management body in the Republic of Belarus;
  4. Shareholders and directors should not have any criminal record;
  5. Documents on the absence of tax claims against shareholders and directors.
  6. Guaranteed minimum deposit of 2,250,000 Belarusian rubles (about 722,000 euros);
  7. Expert opinion confirming the compliance of the gaming business with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus;
  8. The presence of RNG (Random Number Generator) for online casinos;
  9. Certificate of compliance with the information security system in the information system of a virtual casino.
  • TIME:

    Depends on many factors

  • FEE:

    The total price will be provided after the application