Gaming license in Malta

Malta is the second most popular online gaming jurisdiction. Malta is also a part of the European Union, which makes obtaining license there very appealing.
It is possible to obtain two types of licenses in Malta:
B2B – a license for a developer of games or key software provider to game platform operators.
B2C – online gaming operator license. This license provides for several types of gaming, including slots; poker; roulettes; lotteries, etc.


  1. Copy of the beneficiary’s passport;
  2. Proof of residential address (utility bill);
  3. Letter of recommendation (from the bank);
  4. Police clearance certificate;
  5. Proof of domain name ownership;
  6. Contracts with software and hardware (in English);
  7. Information about the program section and website, as well as about the most effective activities;
  8. Other documents that may be requested.
  • TIME:

    From 4 months

  • TIME:

    Obtaining EMI-license (6-12 months)

  • FEE:

    90 000 euros, which includes legal support, the formation of an application and the preparation of legal documentation.