Seychelles Offshore Securities Dealer Brokerage License

Obtaining Seychelles Offshore Securities Dealer Brokerage License allows a company to manage several activities:
• Selling your own shares to third parties
• Issuing your own Managed Account products
• Carry out trading on behalf of others (LPOA) etc. / CTA activities
• Deposit-takings of third parties
• Offering trading (self-trading or managed) in Brokerage, CFDs, Futures
• Managed Accounts Brokerage
• Brokerage CTA activities
• Trading in commodities
• Creation of your own price and fee schemes (managed account fees, profit shares, spreads, mark-ups etc.)


  1. Authorized capital at least 50 000 USD;
  2. At least 2 directors;
  3. At least 2 shareholders, legal entities-shareholders are possible.
  • TIME:

    Seychelles is one of the few jurisdictions where it is possible to obtain a financial license within 90 days

  • FEE:

    The total price will be provided after the application