Brokerage license in Latvia

Obtaining a brokerage license in Latvia allows a company several financial activities, which include:
• Consulting clients on issues of material deposits and trading in currency markets.
• Placement of users’ funds for storage.
• Creation of own types of Internet currency or means of its exchange.
• Trading in the markets of securities and shares.
• Investment of various funds allowed by the state, etc.
After obtaining a brokerage license in Latvia a company can provide mentioned services also in other EU countries.


  1. Authorized capital 125 000 euros;
  2. At least two directors with Latvian citizenship on high managerial positions;
  3. Registration of other types of activities for this legal entity is prohibited.
  • TIME:

    The successful application is usually proceeded within 3-4 month

  • FEE:

    The total price will be provided after the application