Gaming license in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is one of the most economically attractive jurisdictions in Europe. This jurisdiction has a high reputation, low taxes and a possibility to obtain a legal merchant account.

Types of gaming licenses:
• Casino gaming (such as slots and casino table games: roulette, blackjack);
• Gaming (Sports/horse race, Fantasy gaming);
• Lotteries;
• “Social” gaming.


  • The real presence of the company in Gibraltar (office, directors are located in Gibraltar);
  • Impeccable reputation of shareholders and directors;
  • Proven experience in the gaming industry;
  • A license in a jurisdiction other than Gibraltar;
  • Open bank accounts in Gibraltar;
  • Fully paid duty (£ 100,000 for B2C, £ 75,000 for B2B);
  • A copy of the gaming business license and financial reports from other places of business;
  • Confirmation of financial solvency (both of the founders and beneficiaries, as well as the sufficiency of the company’s funds);
  • Identification documents (passport, data from fiscal authorities) and verification of the addresses of owners, founders, directors and authorized persons;
  • Confirmation of the authenticity of all these persons (letters of recommendation from banking, financial or other institutions that regulate gaming business);
  • Availability of documents confirming the ability to pay out any possible winnings (providing copies of the payments made to the winners).
  • TIME:

    Depends on many factors

  • FEE:

    The total price will be provided after the application