Gaming license in Greece

The Greek state enterprise ОРАР has a monopoly on the provision of online lottery services until 2020, and in the sphere of online casino – until 2030. It is also expected that the new operators of online games will soon be able to enter the Greek market. Moreover, it is possible to conduct commercial activities in the gaming sphere through the placement of slot machines.


  • Submit application to the Hellenic Gaming Commission, including the applicant’s data and the number of certified gaming machines that perform operations in accordance with the Hellenic Gaming Commission’s decision No. 130/2 of 11/18/2014 (B 3225) “On the establishment of control over the technical characteristics of slot machines”;
  • Licensing of electronic technical and entertainment games is not allowed for non-commercial legal entities;
  • Natural persons should not be convicted or otherwise punished for such serious crime as theft, embezzlement, fraud, disposal of stolen property, extortion, forgery of documents, active or passive corruption, causing serious harm to health, reticence or cover-up of a crime, currency offences, a crime against personal freedom, a crime against sexual freedom, crimes against the exploitation of sexual life and crimes in the sphere of drug trafficking, weapons, explosives, as well as in the field of tax evasion;
  • Natural persons should not be convicted of a serious crime or otherwise punished for committing a crime in the field of gaming;

Operators are required to provide the Hellenic Gaming Commission the following information:

  • Availability of certified slot machines, including their permissions;
  • About the qualified games used in these gaming machines;
  • Confirmation of how the operator acquired the legal rights to use slot machines and games used in operating activities (purchase, leasing, transfer of rights of use, etc.);
  • On the movement of slot machines, between stores or places of storage and/or repair.

Requirements for the game in order to become certified for slot machines:

  • The game should be a computer program that is included or installed in slot machines (hardware), which, when used exclusively or primarily, is affected by the technical or mental abilities of the player such as, for example, knowledge, skills and preferences;
  • At any stage of the game, the game should be exclusively technical and entertaining one and should not be varied during all stages of the game or be hazardous;
  • Have restrictions on the age qualification when using in accordance with the Pan-European Game Information – «PEGI»;
  • In case the game has no age limit, its contents must be verified by the manufacturer or importer, or by those who have legal ownership or the right to game, in terms of descriptive indications relating to the content of the game (for example, evidence of violence, abuse, pornography, discrimination, drug use, etc.);
  • Have all the information, instructions and other information related to the use of this game;

Certification for slot machines:

  • Separate certification is required for each gaming machine;
  • Certification is granted to the manufacturer, importer, and, in some cases, to the legitimate owners of the slot machine in accordance with the provisions of the Hellenic Gaming Commission’s Decision No. 130/2 of 18.11.2014 (B 3225);
  • Computers are considered and treated as slot machines if they have software applications, certified games (identified above) and they are used for the professional gaming activities;
  • Slot machine must be marked with CE or equivalent if it is produced by a member of the European Free Trade Association that is a participant in the European Economic Area Agreement (EEA) or in Turkey, which products are covered by the mutual recognition clause;
  • It is necessary to submit application to the Hellenic Gaming Commission;
  • Any change to the installed certified slot machine must be communicated to the Hellenic Gaming Commission.
  • TIME:

    Depends on many factors

  • FEE:

    The total price will be provided after the application