Gaming license in Seychelles

Seychelles is one of the best and loyal places for obtaining a gaming license. Online gaming is also exempt from gaming tax.
Types of licenses:
• For slot machines;
• For land casinos;
• For interactive gaming (online casinos).


  • Confirmation of company registration;
  • Memorandum of association;
  • Three-year business plan;
  • Evidence that the company’s managers were not convicted of economic crimes and that there is no such criminal prosecution at the moment;
  • Confirmation of ownership or the right to use the office space (for land licenses);
  • Rules and description of games;
  • Proof of payment of minimum share capital;
  • Evidence of compliance with specifications;
  • Confirmation of bank deposit or bank guarantee;
  • Confirmation of payment of the administrative fee.

Requirements for bookmaker license:

  • Operators must have a separate license for each gaming office they have;
  • All bookmakers must be connected via the Internet to the controller system;
  • Confirmation of payment of minimum share capital of EUR 75,000 is required;
  • Confirmation of a bank deposit or bank guarantee of EUR 30,000 (as a guarantee for payment of fees and winnings).

Requirements for slot machines license:

  • Not required when they are offered at the casino since the casino license also includes slot machines;
  • Minimum requirements for the authorized capital of the company is 75,000 euros;
  • Bank deposit or bank guarantee – 25,000 euros (as a guarantee for payment of fees and winnings).

Requirements for casino license:

  • The list of documents that should be provided is determined in the public tender;
  • Authorized capital – 300 000 euros;
  • Bank deposit or bank guarantee – 90 000 euros, as a guarantee for the payment of fees and winnings.

Requirements for bingo license:

  • Minimum authorized capital of a company – 75 000 euros;
  • Bank deposit or a bank guarantee – 10 000 euros, as a guarantee for payment of fees and winnings.

Requirements for online games license:

  • The operator should ala
    1. The parent organization must be registered on the islands;
    2. Servers supporting the online gaming portal should also be located within the boundaries of the islands;
    3. The software must be certified.
    4. Company charter, registration certificate, and data from the state register and the tax office;
    5. Regulations with the terms and conditions of games on the portal or in the land-based casino;
    6. Certificates of software suppliers;
    7. Certificates confirming the right to develop gaming software;
    8. Data on the authorized capital and balance sheet;
    9. An extract with the official legal address of the company, the physical location should also be published on the site;
    10. Documents proving the payment of utilities (confirming the address of your corporation and indicating the responsibility of the owner);
    11. An agreement determining the level and types of relations between the company and the players;
    12. Data on the payment systems used, the amount of payouts, and the honesty of transactions, including a certificate for a Random Number Generator (RNG) for the offered games, as well as an eCOGRA certificate for RTP;

    ready have one of the types of on-land licenses;

  • Authorized representatives (including directors and any other persons entitled to represent the company) of the casino are not convicted of economic crimes;
  • Proper evidence that stuff is trained to work in casinos should be provided.
  • TIME:

    Depends on many factors

  • FEE:

    The total price will be provided after the application