PI And EMI Licenses In Spain

PI and EMI licenses are those legal persons that have been granted authorization for the provision of payment services. The bank of Spain is responsible for the granting of authorization to a payment institution.


  1. Incorporation as any kind of valid mercantile company;
  2. Registered office, management and administration on the territory of Spain;
  3. Share capital of 125,000 Eur for API, and 350,000 Eur for EMI;
  4. Partners owning significant shareholdings shall be suitable, in accordance with the provisions of article 17 of RDL 19/2018;
  5. Directors, general managers/assimilated officers should have knowledge in the performance of payment services.
  • TIME:

    Depends on the time needed for preparation of documents.

  • FEE:

    From 100,000 euros.